UPO is partner of the Erasmus+ grant winning project "TechLa"

The international project, coordinated for the University by Prof. Bianca Gardella Tedeschi, will allow a group of students to address issues related to law and new technologies through the method of learning by doing.

The European inter-university project TechLa (Future Tech Law Clinics) has been awarded an Eramsus+ grant. TechLa is a three-year project combining law and new technologies, carried out by a group of universities coordinated by University of Lyon (France) and including University of Eastern Piedmont, Radboud University of Nijmegen (Netherlands), Catholic University of Lyon (France), University of Krakow (Poland) and University of Lodz (Poland).

The aim of the project - coordinated for the University of Eastern Piedmont by Bianca Gardella Tedeschi, professor of Comparative Private Law at the Department of Economics in Novara - is to involve students in a series of "learning by doing" activities, on topics that lie between law and technology. TechLa involves not only academic institutions, but also a network of national courts, bar associations, law firms and technology companies and will be based on a number of case studies, addressing the legal challenges of new technologies.

Students teams will conduct research - in a simulated court environment - and prepare written and oral defences; the involvement of high-profile technology companies will ensure a close link with sector's reality.
Every year the project will culminate in a spring school, which will bring together students with different "external" partners.

TechLa will start in September and will last until August 2022; many Italian partners have joined the project: the Piedmont Arbitration Chamber; the Battaglini - De Sabato Law Firm; Piero Pollastro, lawyer, president of the Bar Association of Novara Forum; Marco Venturello, specialist in Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies Law; “Reios” company, a start-up incubated at Enne3, which deals with smart LED lighting systems of the latest generation.

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